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Cold Spring Bridge Maintenance Inspection Access

All dates below are specific to the schedule of the Environmental Review and Permitting processes for this project.

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During the course of project development, it was determined that the following project could be down scoped and qualify as a categorical exclusion (CE). A CE was finalized on 7/9/2018 and the project is considered complete.

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This is a bridge maintenance project intended to rehabilitate the existing Cold Spring Canyon Bridge by repainting the steel elements. The project also proposes to construct features attached to the bridge structure for enhanced inspection purposes. One alternative is the construction of catwalks; a second alternative is the installation of features such as hook and cabling along the same alignment as the catwalks to enhance safety of climbing crews or to enable secure connections for temporary scaffolding. The fixed platform alternative would construct catwalks within the center 600’ of the bridge span to the inside of the arch ribs to minimize visual impact. The workers would access the proposed installations via an Under Bridge Inspection Truck (UBIT) near the top of the arch ribs. The proposed system to enhance climbing operations or the installation of temporary scaffolding would involve attachments for hooks and/or cabling near the inside of each arch rib for the full 700’ length span. The painting of the bridge is to include maintenance of the low-reflectivity coating of the steel mesh on the pedestrian barrier. No exceptions to design standards are anticipated. Current plans include the installation of bird netting at all arch rib openings to restrict bird nesting.

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