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ADS-B East Coast Offshore Routes

Project Information
The use of ADS-B East Coast Off-shore routes relieves congestion by enabling equipped flights to depart the NY Metro airports enroute to Florida and Caribbean destinations during severe weather or high volume conditions. One such route (M201) begins just off the coast of Florida, east of Jacksonville. This route is currently the only radar route from the East Coast and New York airports to Miami and the Caribbean. It is used primarily as relief from Traffic Flow Management (TFM) initiatives and delay constrained routes along the eastern seaboard between the northeastern United States and southern Florida. It is also used extensively as a weather offload route during Severe Weather Avoidance Plan (SWAP) operations. The addition of ADS-B surveillance will allow deviations east around weather impacting specific routes, routes that are normally closed to aircraft when long-range radars are not in service. This would provide surveillance redundancy and continuity of operations along the route for rule-compliant ADS-B equipped aircraft in the event of loss of radar. In addition, airlines can use this route to avoid departure delays for flights scheduled along the East Coast mainland routes. In order for ADS-B operations on this route to occur, the New York Center (ZNY) must be equipped with the En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system Release 3 (R3), which will allow the display of these aircraft as ADS-B targets. Procedures must be developed to support controller use of ERAM for this objective. Also, a specific ADS-B flight planning filing change must be implemented to support identification of those aircraft properly equipped to fly the ADS-B routes, and is part of the ICAO Flight Plan 2012 initiative. Procedures for Air Traffic Control (ATC) will also be necessary for ZNY and would need to be integrated with the New York Area Program Integration Office (NYAPIO) Delay Reduction Program.

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