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BakkenLink Crude Oil Pipeline

Project Information
This project consists of a proposal by BakkenLink for the construction of a 144 mile long, 12" welded steel crude oil pipeline originating near Beaver Lodge, ND and terminating near Fryburg, ND. The project would transport crude oil from producing wells in the Bakken oil field to rail facilities via pipeline. Currently, crude oil from this region of the Bakken field is transported to rail facilities via truck. The proposed BakkenLink pipeline provides an opportunity to eliminate a vast amount of overland truck traffic and greatly reduce the associated carbon footprint in Western ND.

The purpose of the federal permitting process is to ensure that federal agencies take into account all legal and regulatory requirements, environmental and cultural considerations and weigh the sometimes competing interests of various stakeholders in reaching a decision about whether to approve the project, and if so, to do so in a way that provides the best outcome for the environment, stakeholders and the community.

As the Lead Federal agency, BLM will ensure this project is in conformance with all applicable land use plans, in compliance with NEPA, and completed with no significant impacts to the environment.

This project is complex due to multi-agency surface administration, crossing Lake Sakakawea (2+ miles wide), and the presence of threatened and endangered species. Best management practices will be incorporated into the proposed action through negotiations with all affected interests.

BLM, the cooperating Federal agencies, and ND State Agencies are working with the proponent to craft a Plan of Development designed to cross Lake Sakakawea utilizing the most technologically advanced and environmentally sound construction techniques available.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Target Completion Date Status
FONSI/Notice to Proceed Lowell Hassler 10/14/2012 Complete
End of Public comment period Lowell Hassler 9/14/2012 Complete
Public Review of Environmental Assessment Lowell Hassler 9/14/2012 Complete
BLM incorporates cooperating agency comments Lowell Hassler 8/09/2012 Complete
Cooperator comments due to BLM and AECOM Lowell Hassler 8/02/2012 Complete
BLM incorporates all comments, finalizes PDEA and sends to Cooperators Lowell Hassler 7/12/2012 Complete
BLM provides comments on Chapters 3, 4, and 5 Lowell Hassler 6/28/2012 Complete
BLM provides input on Chapter 1 and 2 Lowell Hassler 6/17/2012 Complete
AECOM revises Chapters 3, 4, and 5 and sends to BLM Lowell Hassler 6/21/2012 Complete
AECOM completes Chapter 1 and 2 and provides to BLM Lowell Hassler 6/07/2012 Complete