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Arroyo Sequit Creek Steelhead Restoration Project

Project Information
Green Infrastructure

Using NOAA/American Rivers Partnership funding, California State Parks developed designs to remove/modify all barriers to endangered southern California steelhead trout within the Arroyo Sequit watershed, located in northern Los Angeles County, CA. Removal of two Arizona dry weather crossings and one check dam provided immediate access to 4.5 miles of habitat for a NMFS Core 2 recovery population.

The project was selected by the Obama administration as one of 14 projects in the nation to be fast-tracked for federal permitting. See

View the removal of the 2014 check-dam here:
View the 2015 bridge placement for the upper creek crossing providing year-round access to the group campground here:

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Target Completion Date Status
Arroyo Sequit - Project Construction Perry Gayaldo 10/30/2014 Planned
Arroyo Sequit - USACE 404 Permit Decision Daniel Swenson 11/15/2013 Complete
Endangered Species Act Consultation Anthony Spina 10/30/2013 Complete
Arroyo Sequit - Local Permits (non-federal) Perry Gayaldo 10/30/2013 Complete
Arroyo Sequit - State Permits (non-federal) Perry Gayaldo 10/30/2013 Complete