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Baltimore Red Line

Project Information
Surface Transportation
Total Estimated Project Cost: 
The Baltimore Red Line is a proposed 14-mile rail transit line that would connect the suburban areas west of Baltimore to downtown, the Inner Harbor and Fells Point areas, and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Campus. Maryland Transit Administration is the project sponsor and the Federal Transit Administration is the lead federal agency. This proposed project has several outstanding federal permitting actions that will require substantial cooperation between a number of resource and other federal agencies. These include: Issuance of the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision for the Baltimore Red Line project, as required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); Issuance of a conformity determination, which the FTA, as the federal funder for this project, must make in order to ensure that the proposed project (which is located in an area that does not meet or has not met air quality standards for ozone, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, or nitrogen dioxide) is consistent with air quality goals established under the Clean Air Act; A Programmatic Agreement, which is being prepared as part of the Section 106 Consultation process with the Maryland Historical Trust. The Programmatic Agreement will address any cultural or historical resources, including archaeology identified during final design and construction following the FEIS. The PA will identify the process and procedures to be followed concerning evaluating effects on historic properties and exploring measures to avoid or reduce harm to affected properties. Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation, which will be completed in consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine whether the project may affect a listed or endangered species. This process will conclude with the signing of the Record of Decision in February 2013. The ROD was originally scheduled to be completed in July 2013 and has since been expedited. The Record of Decision is the final step in the NEPA process and identifies the selected alternative, presents the basis for the decision, identifies all the alternatives considered, specifies the "environmentally preferable alternative," and provides information on the adopted means to avoid, minimize and compensate for environmental impacts.

Reviews, Approvals and Permits

Title Responsible Agency Responsible Agency POC Target Completion Datesort ascending Status
Complete Section 106 Programmatic Agreement Mr. J. Rodney Little 2/27/2013 Complete
Record of Decision signed. Brigid Hynes-Cherin 2/27/2013 Complete
Issue NEPA Record of Decision Brigid Hynes-Cherin 2/27/2013 Complete
Publish Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement Brigid Hynes-Cherin 12/14/2012 Complete
Sign Final EIS Brigid Hynes-Cherin 12/04/2012 Complete
Conformity Determination Daniel Koenig 11/14/2012 Complete
Conceptual Mitigation Plan Joseph DaVia 10/31/2012 Complete
MOU for I-70 Jeanette Mar 7/30/2012 Complete
FRA Coordination David Valenstein 2/01/2012 Complete
Section 7 Determination Leopoldo Miranda 1/31/2012 Complete