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Responsible Entity: 
Responsible Agency POC: 
Dennis E. Roberts
Director Airspace Services, ATO Mission Support, FAA
NextGen Infrastructure Initiative - Houston Metroplex (OAPM)
Ad Hoc Activity
The Design Phase is where the Study Team's conceptual designs are further assessed and detailed integrated procedure and airspace design work is completed. This work is conducted by a more locally-focused Design & Implementation Team. The Design & Implementation Team will have significant local participation including subject matter experts from local facilities and "Lead Operators" from industry, as well as PBN and environmental specialists. On-site simulations and other design analyses may be part of this phase. The Design & Implementation Team will be provided with a checklist of issues that must be considered, to include guidance on technical issues, regulatory and criteria issues, submission requirements, and implementation waterfall scheduling interactions.


Milestone Target Actual
Milestone Start - Design 01/08/2012 01/08/2012
Milestone End - Design 07/05/2012 06/27/2012