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Dennis E. Roberts
Director Airspace Services, ATO Mission Support, FAA
NextGen Infrastructure Initiative - Houston Metroplex (OAPM)
Ad Hoc Activity
The Evaluation Phase is the second component in the Design and Implementation process. It includes any remaining necessary operational modeling and simulation, safety analyses and environmental reviews. Since the metroplex optimization is conducted in a short time frame and meant to be repeatable in a 3-5 year timeframe, its efforts are conducted under a tightly controlled and focused scope-of-work. The preparation of a focused and concise Environmental Assessment (EA) allows FAA to consider, evaluate, and determine the significance of impacts in a shorter timeframe. Safety evaluations are conducted in this phase.


Milestone Target Actual
Milestone Start - Evaluation 07/05/2012 07/05/2012
Milestone End - Evaluation 01/10/2013 01/10/2013