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Aeronautic Study Determination

Responsible Agency: 
Aeronautical Study Determination - The Determination is a composite of all comments and findings received during the aeronautical study conducted under 14 CFR Part 77 and FAA Order JO 7400.2. The determination outlines results and information from aeronautical study, including but not limited to construction details, supplemental notices, expiration date, special conditions, implemented mitigations, and marking and lighting.
Any construction or alterations: (1) exceeding 200 ft above ground level; (2) within 20,000 ft of a public use or military airport which exceeds the surfaces listed in 14 CFR Part 77.9(b); (3) when requested by FAA; (4) any construction or alteration located on a public use airport or heliport regardless of height or location
Statute or Regulations: 
Structures interfering with air commerce (49 USC 44718) Sovereignty & Use of Airspace (49 USC 40103) Sovereignty & Use of Airspace (49 USC 40103)