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Commercial Use Permit

Responsible Agency: 
Renewable Energy
Prior to the commercial generation of electricity, an application for a Commercial Use Permit is submitted on a Sundry Notice form and approved by BLM prior to any commercial operations from a Federal geothermal lease, a Federal Unit, or a production facility. This document describes the location of all wells, allocation of that production, location of meters, allocation of schedules, power purchase agreement, and a number of other items. It generally takes about a month for BLM approval of a Commercial Use Permit.
Commercial use of federal lands for geothermal energy development
Statute or Regulations: 
Geothermal Steam Act (30 USC 1001 et seq.); Federal Land Policy and Management Act (43 USC 1701 et seq.); Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Pub. L. 109-58)