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Geothermal Drilling Permit (GDP)

Responsible Agency: 
Renewable Energy
"3261.11 - How do I apply for approval of drilling operations and well pad construction? (a) Send to BLM: (1) A completed and signed drilling permit application, Form 3260-2; (2) A complete operations plan (3261.12); (3) A complete drilling program (3261.13); and (4) An acceptable bond (3261.18). (b) Do not start any drilling operations until after BLM approves the permit."
Drilling on federal lands (for geothermal resources)
Statute or Regulations: 
Geothermal Steam Act (30 USC 1001 et seq.); Federal Land Policy Management Act (43 USC 1701 et seq.); Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Pub. L. 109-58)