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Geothermal Lease

Responsible Agency: 
Renewable Energy
Geothermal Lease Form (Form 3200-24a). Nomination of Lands for Competitive Geothermal Leasing  (Form 3203-1). Conduct auction.  Non-competitive leases available for two years if not purchased at auction (Form 3200-24a).
Lease confers right to explore for, drill, produce and utilize geothermal resources on federal lands with limitations. Subsequent permits required prior to any surface disturbing activities. Lands must be made available for this use in BLM Land Use Plan.
Statute or Regulations: 
Geothermal Steam Act (30 USC 1001 et seq.); Federal Land Policy Management Act (43 USC 1701 et seq.); Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Pub. L. 109-58)