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Geothermal Project Utilization Plan, Facility Construction Permit, and Site License

Responsible Agency: 
Renewable Energy
A Utilization Plan (no form, 43 CFR 3272) describes how the geothermal resource will be used, including all of the proposed structures and facilities and their locations necessary for plant operations, as well as plans for final reclamation and decommissioning. These documents are submitted as part of the NEPA process. The Utilization Plan also includes the construction permit for construction and operation of the electric generation facilities, direct-use steam plants, and related facility and well field operations, including well field production and injection. The site license is required if the operator is not party to the geothermal lease.
Once a decision is made to construct a facility to utilize the geothermal resource and construct electric generation facilities. A site license is required of operators who are not the geothermal lease holder to operate the facility.
Statute or Regulations: 
Geothermal Steam Act (30 USC 1001 et seq.); Federal Land Policy Management Act (43 USC 1701 et seq.); Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Pub. L. 109-58)