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Right-of-Way Authorization (DOI-BLM)

Responsible Agency: 
Applications for proposed rights-of-way over, upon, under, or through public lands, including, but not limited to, grants for wind energy site testing and monitoring, power distribution lines, trails, highways, communication site facilities, water retention basins, and water conveyance pipelines. The processing of right-of-way applications must comply with the BLM’s regulatory requirements, including those for planning, environmental, and right-of-way. BLM may approve application, approve the application with modifications, or deny the application. A BLM right-of-way grant is required for an oil or gas pipeline to cross Federal lands under BLM's jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of two or more Federal agencies (43 CFR 2881.11). The BLM requires as a matter of policy that all prospective applicants schedule and participate in at least two pre-application meetings with the BLM before the BLM will accept a right-of-way application for a proposed solar or wind energy development project on the public lands. The right-of-way application for these projects will include a detailed Plan of Development.
Filing a Right-of-Way application (SF-299) to request a right-of-way grant for the use of public lands.
Statute or Regulations: 
Title V of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, as amended (FLPMA) (43 USC 1763), 43 CFR 2800